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  • Popular Ristorante Tafièr

    Ristorante Tafièr

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    Tafièr has spacious interiors, a luscious green veranda and ample parking. Menu includes homemade pasta such as tortellini, tortelloni, balanzoni, tagliatelle, tagliolini and pappardelle. Meat arrives from selected farms while our chef chooses fres

  • Popular Tortellino


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    Gourmet pasta to go.

  • Popular Brewdog Bologna

    Brewdog Bologna

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    1st birthday of Brew Dog pub in Bologna.

  • Popular Sublime


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    New management from the well established Bar Piccolo in Bologna. It's a family cafe bar ready to host parties, graduation events and offers regular live music nights.

  • Popular Hollywood Diner

    Hollywood Diner

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    This American styled restaurant is new to Bologna and is every bit original and renowned as its name suggests. It's very much a family orientated restaurant with a huge range of kids menus to adults to choose from such as BBQ, vegan, hot dogs and Tex-Mex.

  • Popular Java Cafe

    Java Cafe

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    A cafe bar with a fun way to order food: by train. They offer a good breakfast, smoothies, organic coffee and traditional Bolognese food as well as vegan style. Theme nights include live music and private parties. Full transcript This is a brightly lit ca

  • 03:56 Popular Cavrò


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    Serving diverse local traditional Italian dishes, prepared with the same care of those where they come from. There's a rich range from appetizers to desserts, tapas and tasting teasers. The restaurant has also a wine bar with a choice of 200 labels. Twent

  • 00:30 Popular SteamStation Pub

    SteamStation Pub

    by Mick Added 5,873 Views / 0 Likes

    The first Steam Punk pub in Bologna with live music, theatre performances, art exhibitions and games every weekend. They serve inimitable special cocktails of fire and steam and stock a wide selection of absinthe and exclusive beers. This is the first Ste

  • 00:34 Popular Il Punto Pub

    Il Punto Pub

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    Recently new to Bologna, Il Punto specializes in craft beer. It's a relaxing atmosphere attended by a mix of clientele. Highlights include regular beer tastings and evenings of food pairing. 100 different bottled beers while the eight on tap are frequentl

  • 00:29 Popular Ristorante Sikelia

    Ristorante Sikelia

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    A very chic and posh restaurant in the center of Bologna that places great responsibility on serving high quality food with maximum discreetness. Their speciality dishes of fish are carefully prepared with attention to detail and they offer an ample selec

  • 00:36 Popular O Fiore Mio

    O Fiore Mio

    by Mick Added 2,675 Views / 0 Likes

    Introducing a new type of 'street food' pizzeria with pizzas that are distinctly lighter and easier to digest and produced from dough made with yeast and wholemeal flour cooked slowly over longer periods. Raw materials are sourced from Slow Food producers

  • 00:29 Popular Cafe de Paris

    Cafe de Paris

    by Mick Added 4,510 Views / 1 Likes

    This cafe bar has just been given a new style for 2015 along with the piazza and historic buildings next to it. The internal decor is a cool mix of modern chic and classic dark tones. Clientele are older professional types. They serve an exquisite buffet

  • 00:37 Popular La Taberna di Fagiolino e Sganapino

    La Taberna di Fagiolino e Sganapino

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    Staff often dress up in Bolognese costumes from the 'Balanzone' era. For this reason they serve typical Bolognese food with live music later in the evening. They also serve fish and a tourist menu every day for lunch except Sundays. Internal decor is kind

  • 00:41 Popular Piedra del Sol

    Piedra del Sol

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    A mix between a bar and restaurant serving traditional Mexican food and decorated in typical Mexican furnishings while Latino music is often accompanied by dancing late into the night. There are three large rooms for dining including spicy dishes or not a

  • Popular Bounty Bologna Pub

    Bounty Bologna Pub

    by Mick Added 2,525 Views / 0 Likes

    In the heart of the university area, this bistro-pub is very popular with students and locals, boasting a continual kitchen service too and an abundant buffet for aperitivo. Next door but still part of the pub is their pizzeria while recently opened at th

  • Popular CIBO - Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies

    CIBO - Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies

    by Mick Added 5,611 Views / 0 Likes

    A typical cooking class by Chef Stefano Corvucci firstly, by shopping in the local Bolognese markets for fresh ingredients to learning how to prepare everything before finally cooking the perfect meal!

  • 00:38 Popular Il Caffe Sette Chiese

    Il Caffe Sette Chiese

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    Set in the most beautiful and historic piazza in Bologna. They serve Bolognese cuisine as well as cold cuts of meat and cheeses for aperitivo. An internal room is more private and also good for functions.Tables on the piazza during warmer weather make thi

  • 00:43 Popular Zinelli Tessuti

    Zinelli Tessuti

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    Established since 1937 Zinelli have been selling high quality household linens and Italian dressmaking fabrics for men and women. They provide a tailor service as well as a personalised service for their household products and ship to anywhere in the worl

  • 00:31 Popular Trattoria Trebbi

    Trattoria Trebbi

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    Next to the courts, Trattoria Trebbi offers typical Bolognese cuisine seasonally based and therefore varied. There's always a rich and ample buffet of vegetables on offer including fresh or grilled varieties with balsamic vinegar added. The internal decor

  • 00:27 Popular Trattoria Oberdan

    Trattoria Oberdan

    by Mick Added 2,236 Views / 0 Likes

    Just recently opened, Trattoria Oberdan serves traditional Bolognese cuisine with homemade pasta and desserts as one of their main specialities. Their menu is of course seasonal. The restaurant is incredibly clean and tidy as they pay a lot of attention t

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